My FaMily Favourite ALL NATURAL TAN ENHANCER is made with 20 plant based ingredients that have been used for centuries for their protective, restorative, and nourishing properties on the skin….and some non-nano zinc oxide to up the ante a little. Non-nano means it won’t be absorbed into the bloodstream.  I’m freckly and quite rouge and I love it and am thrilled I have something with NO TITANIUM DIOXIDE, NO RETINYL PALMITATE, and NO OXYBENZONE… I have used it on my son since he was three with excellent results and no burn…People love the rich colour they get when using it for tanning also.

It feels good to be putting a product on my family’s skin that’s safe, healthy, and nourishing, and not more harmful than the sun itself, as many sun care products are.

Raspberry seed and carrot seed oils both have natural Sun Protection Factors of 30-50….I use both in this recipe…

Health Canada Cosmetic Notification Form #218863

“I love using the plant based FaMily Favourite All Natural Tan Enhancer cream. I would never put anything on my skin that I wouldn’t be willing to eat! It smells good and I found it made my skin feel really soft and non-nano means it won’t be absorbed into the bloodstream through my skin.” (2014) – Dave Tyler, Toronto

250mL—$20.00 (CDN)