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COCOA BUTTER has been called the ultimate moisturizer and has been used to keep skin soft and supple for centuries.  It is often recommended for treatment of skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis. It creates a barrier between sensitive skin and the environment and also helps retain moisture. Cocoa butter is an exquisite skin softener, conditioner,  and moisturizer. It has anti-wrinkle effects and restores skin flexibility.

SHEA BUTTER is a potent moisturizer & emollient.  It provides ultimate skin care protection (also partly against UV radiation). It has anti-inflammatory & soothing properties (heals minor wounds & irritated skin), and anti-aging effects. Shea Butter aids in skin regeneration in cases of sunburns and scars, wrinkle reduction, and helping to both prevent and potentially reverse sun damage.

SWEET ALMOND OIL is an excellent emollient (leaves the skin soft, smooth & conditioned), has nourishing & revitalizing effects (penetrates into the skin well), and is a fantastic moisturizer & lubricant helping to heal injured & chapped skin.

ARGAN OIL is effective in controlling the production of sebum which is an oil produced by the body. When too much is produced, acne usually occurs. Argan oil prevents redness and inflammation brought about by acne. It not only reduces acne, but its properties also help in reducing the appearance of scars left by acne.  The unique blend of nutrients found in argan oil greatly helps in alleviating the inflammatory symptoms associated with psoriasis.   Other uses: eczema

N.B. I purchase Marocavie’s Marogania argan oil which is sustainably produced in a women’s cooperative in Essaouira that gives back to the Berber women who produce it. 

Marocavie’s mission is to support projects that aim to:
• combat the spread of the desert and slow the rural exodus
• improve the education of the children

  FRANKINCENSE ESSENTIAL OIL  is also known to have many dermal benefits. Frankincense oil’s antiseptic properties make it excellent for use in treating cuts, wounds, or skin blemishes. This prevents infection and promotes faster healing. It’s also great for treating diaper rash. The anti-inflammatory properties of frankincense make it helpful in relieving muscle and arthritic pain, and swelling.  As an astringent it strengthens and tightens skin and the underlying tissue. As such, it can help reduce the appearance of scars, pockmarks, and wrinkles. It rejuvenates the skin by lifting tissue and tightens pores to restore a youthful glow.  Other uses: regeneration, oily skin, aged skin & wrinkles, toner, anxiety, disappointment, impatience, nervousness, stress, tension, and promotes a feeling of well being.

GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT is a natural biocide which reduces the growth of yeasts, moulds, and bacteriae.  The benefits of grapefruit seed extract expand into many different fields. For skin care and soap making purposes, some of the benefits include:   A high content of vitamin C, a high content of vitamin E, and a large amount of beneficial antioxidants.  Grapefruit seed extract is a non-comedogenic antioxidant acting as a preservative helping to extend shelf life. It also disperses lactic acids and is used during massage therapy to ease muscle stiffness and improve elimination of metabolic waste in the lymphatic system.  Other uses:  acne, astringent, devitalized skin, oily skin, fatigue (emotional & physical).

GERANIUM ESSENTIAL OIL (my personal favourite) stimulates the adrenal cortex and helps to balance the nervous system.  While lifting depression and relieving anxiety, it also has a regulatory effect on the hormonal system.  It aids in clearing sluggish and oily skin, while assisting with healing.  Other uses:  combination skin, thread veins and congested capillaries, devitalized skin, dry acne, dry skin, mature aged skin & wrinkles, sebum balancing, anxiety, panic, stress, and tension.

COCONUT OIL  is a moisturizer, antibiotic, multivitamin, multi-nutrient.  With nourishing, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and anti-oxidant benefits.

SESAME OIL  has an excellent natural sunscreen ability.  It is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-viral, quickly penetrating, a cell growth regulator.  It is rich in Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, and E and is nourishing and soothing.

RICE BRAN OIL – Egyptians used it to block the sun as having a tan meant you had to work and were therefore not part of the upper classes… Ultimately, it blocks the sun and it’s an oil… The things we learn!  

CHAMOMILE  is used in treating skin problems, providing soothing calming and cleansing action useful for burns, blisters, inflamed wounds, ulcers, boils, dermatitis, eczema, rashes, wounds, and hypersensitive skin problems. Also used for dry, itchy skin, puffiness, and allegeric conditions in general. Reportedly smoothes out broken capillaries, blisters improving elasticity and tissue strength. It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties also.

CEDARWOOD is an antiseptic: It prevents wounds from being septic as well as protects them from tetanus germs. It can safely be applied externally on wounds as an anti septic. It is even used as an ingredient in herbal antiseptic creams.

Antiseborrhoeic: Seborrhoea or Seborrhoeic Eczema is a dreaded disease which is caused due to malfunctioning of sebaceous glands resulting in irregular sebum production and consequent infection of the epidermal cells. It looks very ugly as the skin, colored white or pale yellow, dry or greasy, starts peeling off, particularly from the scalp, eyebrows and wherever there are hair follicles. Cedar Wood oil can be beneficial in curing this inflammatory situation and reduce peeling off of skin by regularizing sebum production and treating infection thereof.

Cedar Wood Oil has good fungicidal properties and may be employed to cure fungal infections, both external and internal.

Cedar Wood oil is equally beneficial in curing acne, dandruff, dermatitis, and as a treatment against oily skin.

LIME ESSENTIAL OIL is used for its anti-septic, anti-viral, astringent, bactericidal, disinfectant, haemostatic, & restorative properties.

CLOVE BUD -The health benefits of clove oil can be attributed to its antimicrobial, antifungal, antiseptic, antiviral, aphrodisiac and stimulating properties. Clove is an evergreen tree, which produces a flower bud that has numerous medicinal properties.  It is rich in minerals such as calcium, hydrochloric acid, ironphosphorussodiumpotassium, and vitamin A and vitamin C. Clove oil is often recommended for skin care, especially to acne patients.         Primary Nutrients: Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, Vitamins A, Vitamin B-complex and Vitamin C.

SEA BUCKTHORN OIL has multiple benefits in the area of restorative and anti-aging skin care. Natural antioxidants and essential fatty acids help reverse damaging effects of sun radiation and minimize long term effects of sun exposure, like wrinkles, dryness, dark spots, reduce skin inflammation, promote natural skin restorative processes . The oil is well tolerated by any type of skin and provide long term anti-inflammatory, restorative and revitalizing action.

JEWELWEED or Impatiens capensis, is said to have been used by native Americans as a remedy for poison ivy and other skin irritations caused by plants and other things.  It grows in ditches and abandoned areas alongside poison ivy and I can personally vouch for its efficacy as an antidote to the urushiol in poison ivy. Urushiol is the oil in poison ivy that causes the allergic reaction with our skin.

—The sap of the impatiens capensis provides several well-documented health benefits. It offers anti-itch properties for the skin, allowing it to serve as an effective cure for poison ivy, stings, and other irritations. This plant also offers anti-fungal properties, and acts as a natural cure for athlete’s foot and other fungal infections. —

CARROT SEED EXTRACT fights skin problems like psoriasis, eczema, weeping sores, ulcers, boils and carbuncles. It helps keep wrinkles at bay and is also helpful when fighting liver spots (age spots).  

Carrot seed oil is an essential oil with significant antioxidant, antiseptic and fragrant properties with high levels of vitamin A. When applied topically to the skin in the form of a diluted carrier oil, carrot seed oil also provides natural sun protection. According to a study published in “Pharmacognosy Magazine” in 2009, products containing carrot seed oil have a natural SPF of 38 and 40.

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RASPBERRY SEED EXTRACT -red raspberry seeds contain high levels of omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids in addition to antioxidants and natural vitamin E. According to Anthony J. O’Lenick, author of “Oils of Nature,” red raspberry seed oil has a natural SPF between 28 and 50 and may also contain clinically significant anti-inflammatory properties.

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JASMINE OIL is known as the ‘King of Oils’.  The name Jasmine comes from the Persian word ‘yasmin’ which means “a gift from God”

It helps improve the skins elasticity and is also good for stretch marks and scars. Jasmine oil is fantastic in that it tones all types of skin…….greasy, dry, sensitive and skin that is irritated.  It is an antiseptic, antidepressant, antispasmodic, aphrodisiac, cicatrisant.









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